330 ohm resistor color code
The colour at the bottom is white. The Resistor Color Code Calculator decodes and identifies a value and tolerance of 4 band wire wound resistors. * Image shown is a representation only. 1/2-watt, 5% tolerance.Parts Warranty: 90 Days 2 $ 0.95 Volume sales pricing. So you just want to light up an LED. Resistor 330 Ohm 1/6 Watt PTH - 20 pack. Learn More What resistor should you use? Color Code 330 Ohm Resistor, Wholesale Various High Quality Color Code 330 Ohm Resistor Products from Global Color Code 330 Ohm Introduction MD1 is an inexpensive system for precision readout in metrology applications based on two-frequency HeNe laser interferometry. A supplier of spare and production parts for commercial and military aviation. More online conversion calculators at Digi-Key. Notes on Fixed and Variable/Adjustable resistor classifications. Tutorial on resistors and different types of resistors with circuit symbol. In stock COM-11507 RoHS. Tolerance: Gold Band 5%: Related Articles. Find great deals on eBay for 330 ohm resistor and 1k ohm resistor. This Instructable lays out how to construct and code an ambient LED light using an Arduino board and some common circuit components. 10 resistors each of 330 ohm - 1/4Watt. Did you know that you can make a "cheap" but effective color sensor using some basic components? Reduce the flow of electricity in your project with this 5-pack of 330 ohm carbon-film resistors. How to build electronic code lock/digital combination lock/number lock with 8051 (Please refer to the resistor color code to determine the value of your resistors) 2 330R Users Manual About This Manual This product manual contains instructions for the 330 Series Process Monitor. A SMD resistor appears black from top with some blue colour. 330R / 330 ohm Resistor Colour Code. Shop with confidence. Sheet3 Sheet2 Sheet1 Black 1/16 inch Red 1/4 inch Black 1/4 inch Red 1/2 inch Black 1/2 inch 1000V Tubular Axial Met'd Poly Film 1600V Met'd MPM "Orange Dips" RESISTOR COLOR CODE GUIDE 2 0 x10,000 10 % ... Resistor Color Code 68 ohm 68R Blue Gray Black ... 330 ohm 330R Orange Orange Brown SMD Resistor Surface Mount Chip Resistor Guide. DIY Digital Door Lock project-a password based security system using 8051. 3, 4 and 5 band (value to color code and color bands to value) resistor color code calculator.